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Original BellaBambi® sensitive facial cup, made of silicone, Ø: 20 mm, height: 45 mm


Small facial cup for particularly gentle use on the face. The slight pressure on the skin expands the vessels and stimulates blood circulation. Swelling can be reduced, the metabolism in the connective tissue cells is activated and the formation of collagen and elastin is stimulated. As a result the resilience and elasticity can be increased and the skin gets a plump and rosy-fresh glow.


  • Spread YUAYU facial oil generously on the face and décolleté so that the Face Cup glides easily on the skin. Squeeze the cup slightly and place on skin. When you let go, the silicone mold relaxes and creates a slight vacuum. Now pull the cup slightly upwards so that the skin is gently lifted. Carefully work in a stroking or circular motion from the neck up and outwards from the center of the face over the face and décolleté.

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