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Ayurveda is a millennia-old traditional philosophy of healing and life from India. The word comes from Sanskrit and means “knowledge of life”. The holistic mindset of Ayurveda aims to unite body, mind and soul in a constant interplay with our environment. This underlines our holistic and sustainable approach to skincare. 

Our handmade and homegrown elixirs cater to the individual needs of different types of constitution, as defined by Ayurveda. For example, irritated, impure PITTA skin, needs cooling components, while impure KAPHA skin needs its metabolism stimulated.


The delicate scent of each elixir positively influences the mood of the different doshas. Our VATA ELIXIR NO. 1 has a pleasantly warming scent that promotes inner peace and can strengthen the immune system. PITTA ELIXIR NO. 2 smells fresh and relaxing and the stimulating scent of KAPHA ELIXIR NO. 3 has an uplifting and energising effect. 

An utmost respect for nature and people means we are deeply committed to sustainability and fairness. We ensure we leave as small a footprint as possible with our packaging, shipping and ingredients. Our products are handmade in Austria, grown and picked in accordance with the seasons and moon phases. We maintain a close personal relationship with our suppliers and producers.


When we first met in Barcelona many years ago, we knew immediately that we were on the same wavelength. As VATA-PITTA (Vera) and VATA-KAPHA (Bibi) personalities, we have a lot in common but also complement each other perfectly.


Bibi has been a professional make-up artist for a long time and over the years has trained up to become an organic beauty specialist. Now active as a mindful beauty coach and yoga instructor in Bregenz, she imbues in her clients and students a respect for nature and brings out their unique inner and outer beauty.

Vera trained as a graphic designer, and after 15 years as an art director at various Barcelona agencies, fell in love with Ayurveda by chance. After countless courses, workshops, training and assisting an Ayurveda therapist, she decided in 2021 to train as Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach with Dr. Janna Scharfenberg and is now helping people at retreats and workshops to listen more to themselves and their bodies.

YUĀYU combines our strengths and our passions into a common project from the heart: Ayurveda-inspired, minimalist facial care, handmade in Vorarlberg with local plants picked with love and mindfulness according to the moon cycles.


YUĀYU stands for respect, self-love, minimalism and sustainability and celebrates beauty inside out.

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