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Ayurvedic well-aging facial oil for oily KAPHA skin prone to impurities


KAPHA represents the elements of Earth and Water in us. Handmade in Austria from our lovingly cultivated extracts and high-quality plant oils, the non-comedogenic Elixir No. 3 gives energy and lightness and helps balance oily Kapha skin that tends towards impurities.


Rosemary and chickweed invigorate, reduce inflammation and have antibacterial properties, while the thistle and hemp oil, bakuchiol and our own antioxidant algae extract help to smooth out unevenness and bring the skin back into balance and radiance.


The delicate scent of bergamot & grapefruit has a mood-enhancing and energising effect.


PriceFrom €34.90
  • Apply 4-6 drops onto cleansed face moistened with water or serum in mornings and evenings as needed. Massage in gently and enjoy your smooth, pleasantly soft and supple skin.


    The YUĀYU Elixir can be used on its own or beautifully enhances your daily routine by infusing it into your serum, moisturizer or even foundation.


    Just a few drops of the vitamin- and nutrient-rich oil are enough to intensively care for your skin and make it shine.

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