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  • Why Ayurvedic Care?
    Ayurveda is a holistic system that honors the unity of body, mind and spirit. The individual consideration of the skin and the constitution-appropriate treatment of skin problems form the basis of holistic Ayurvedic skin care. We believe this holistic approach is the key to beautiful skin. In addition to perfect care through the mixture of different oils, the respective plant extracts and the delicate fragrance are also tailored to the three doshas. This is how Elixir No. smells, for example. 1 gentle notes of rose, sweet orange and amyris and has a calming effect on nervous Vata types. Warming sesame oil and rich evening primrose extract nourish and ground the "airiest" and most volatile of the three doshas.
  • How do facial oils work?
    In contrast to conventional face creams, our elixirs do not require water. This not only makes it a particularly productive care product, it also offers the advantage that we do not need either emulsifiers (which combine the water/oil phases in creams) or preservatives. Facial oils help keep your skin hydrated and they do this in two ways: as emollients (emollients) and sealants (occlusives). The high-quality oils we use first make the outer layer of skin softer and smoother. The occlusive properties of the oils form a protective seal on the epidermis and prevent water from escaping through the top layer of the skin. The skin barrier is strengthened and external environmental aggressors are kept away. Your skin's natural moisture is preserved and the moisturizing effect of previously applied skin care products is prolonged.
  • Which countries do you ship to?
    We ship our products from Austria to the entire EU. If you are interested in collection in Bregenz or shipping to other countries, please contact us at
  • How will my package be shipped and how long will the goods be on the way?
    We ship with Österreichische Post AG. Within Austria, shipping takes place within 3 working days, to all other countries it may take a few days longer.
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