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YUĀYU is guided by nature. Our facial oils consist of lovingly hand-made extracts from our own cultivation and high-quality organic vegetable oils. The Ayurvedic concept of the three doshas guided our development of these individual formulations that make the skin glow from inside and out.

ELIXIR NO. 1 (VATA) is perfect for discerning, dry and mature skin. It is particularly rich and has a grounding, relaxing effect.


ELIXIR NO. 2 (PITTA) has a balancing and calming effect on normal, sensitive, and mixed skin prone to redness. It has a fresh and cooling scent.

ELIXIR NO. 3 (KAPHA) is ideal for oily, mixed skin that is prone to impurities. This non-comedogenic formula helps even out the skin and has a mood-enhancing effect.

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